Chefmate Re-Design

Packaging Design
Spring, 2009
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Target is a large corporation that sells many kitchen products by Chefmate, a company that produces sturdy, durable appliances and cooking implements for the average consumer. Despite providing quality products at a reasonable cost, the current packaging is that it is very easy to see the product, but a negative aspect is that the lack of information for an inexperienced user to understand what the product is used for and how to use it.

The older packaging design of a steamer is very simple and informative about what the product is, but to someone who has never used a steamer before, it is difficult to understand how to use it. An improved package design would include simple instructions, packaging that allows the customer to open and close the steamer before purchase to ensure that it works properly, and packing material encasing the sharp steamer legs to protect the customer.

Resources: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign


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