The Art of Graffiti

Information Design
Spring, 2009
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What is graffiti? Graffiti is images and lettering painted or marked in any manner on public property meant to express a point of view and to be seen by a large number of people. Most societies have regarded graffiti as degrading because it damages public spaces or expresses unwanted or unpopular messages. Graffiti artists, however, do not view their work as damaging public property, but rather an extension of their personalities, art or conveying a social message.

Graffiti is often viewed as vandalism, but in the eyes of graffiti artists, their work isa meaningful piece of art. There is an aesthetic value to their illustrations on the walls of buildings, streets, trains, bridges, subway cars, etc. The creativity graffiti artists show in their art is connected to their environments. The poster maps out graffiti art across the world categorizing it according to its intent in 4 ways: distinct artistic style, political message, community expression, and location. Within each category, the graffiti art is further categorized by a method used such as paint, print or installation.

All photos were scanned from Graffiti World by Nicolas Ganz and Street World by Roger Gastman, Caleb Neelon & Anthony Smyrski.

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